2-0 and 0-2, update to 3-0 and 0-3…

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Let’s see how I did:

New Orleans: Still undefeated. I’m still hoping for 16 and 0.

Chicago: Also still undefeated. They’ll win this weekend, but lose next!

Seattle: Still undefeated… still hope my Saints beat them.

Miami: To quote an old pro-wrestler, “You’re Next!”

New England: Also, still undefeated.

Houston: I said Baltimore would win, and I was right.

Denver: Another possible 16-0 team.

So far: 7 for 7.

Now, for the losers:

Jaguars: Lost to Seattle, as the world expected.

Steelers: Lost to Chicago, as I expected.

Browns: Holy crap! They beat the Vikings!

Panthers: Holy crap! They beat the Giants! I’m going on a bad streak here!

Buccaneers: Also lost, again. I think they will beat Philly at home.

Redskins: Lost again. I’m not willing to say when they’ll win at this point, after seeing Oakland play Denver.

Vikings: Lost to the Browns. Still winless. I think they might win against the Steelers.

Giants: This is the more shocking of the two. I think they will beat Philly at home.

For the losers I was 4 for 6, since my two incorrect assumptions were games where winless teams played. Overall, I’m 11 for 13 (plus my flawless predictions of the first two weeks and preseason and every season since 1983!). For this week I’m predicting five of the six remaining lossless teams to get to 4-0, and Miami to fall to the Saints. As for the winless teams, I think the Vikings win over the Steelers, and the rest of them to all lose. So we’ll see how I do in the ten matchups I’ve picked.