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Idiots, Evil Geniuses, And Protagonists

It’s become somewhat clear to me over the course of several years that there are a great deal of people writing fiction of all sorts without any idea whatsoever how to take care of themselves. A lot of “horror” or survival type scenarios put forth idiot characters as the main characters. Not only are they woefully unprepared but they’re almost… Read more »

The Media and Honest Mistakes

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Lately, the refrain I’ve seen from several people involved in the national news media — mostly CNN staff, but also a few from the New York Times — has been, “well, we just made an honest mistake. Aw shucks. Can’t we just make a mistake?” Yes. Yes, you can make mistakes. Nobody is perfect. The problem with the “mistakes” made… Read more »

Game of Recaps/Predictions: Dragonstone

Spoilers below for the first episode of season 7, Dragonstone. Just a quick recap of the first episode, and then I’ll put in some updated predictions: – The cold open with the Freys was excellent. I did not realize the show would have that many Freys. There was just an acre of them. And they all deserved every second of… Read more »

Southern Baptists Reap What They Sowed

Disclaimer: I grew up Southern Baptist, but after a personal run-in with a holier-than-thou pastor/preacher/holyman, I will never again set foot in a SBC church. I have forgiven him, but I understand that I am not welcome. Several weeks ago, some well-meaning, short-sighted folks proposed an anti-Alt-Right measure be taken up by the Southern Baptist Convention. The measure basically bought… Read more »

The Return of Game of Thrones: Season 7 Predictions

Having re-watched the first six seasons over the course of several months, in bits and pieces, and also having viewed the preview material provided by HBO, and attempting to understand the way D&D and GRRM might play the story out, I’m ready to make some predictions! We’ll go by region, as before: Essos: I’ll be surprised if we see much… Read more »