30 Days of Discipline — Complete!

There is a sense of relief upon completing something, but there is also a sense of purpose and a feeling that there’s more to accomplish.

We’re never done.

Saturday, June 6th, was the 30th day in my second run through Victor Pride’s Thirty Days of Discipline. I feel better for having done it, my thoughts are more organized, and my goals clearer. There are still kinks in the hose of productivity to work out but the water is flowing and it’s flowing well. This in and of itself is an accomplishment; I am behind on my general June goal but I am ahead of where I was in May.

I am ahead of where I was last week.

The last month and change I haven’t simply let myself tread water and struggle to keep my head above it. I’ve moved toward the shore, and this is something everyone should do at least once.

There are a lot of pithy sayings about life, silly posters with short quotes designed to motivate us. The true motivating factor in life, however, is progress. Getting a task finished can fuel the next task.

Get off your ass and go do 30 Days of Discipline. Finish it. See how motivated you feel. See how much work you get done — how much progress you make.