A Great Start, Random Musings.

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Yesterday, I came in with just shy of 4000 words of fiction — completely new story, too.

Today has been a bit slow, but so far, so good. If I can just keep up that pace I’ll hit my June goal like the fist of an angry God.

I’ve been saying a while I’m “over” things that are overly gritty, overly harsh. The torture porn that Game of Thrones occasionally flirts with is a pretty good example of that. I understand writing characters to do horrible things, but I’m starting to think it’s taking something out of us to be surrounded by the complete harshness of it all.

Aside from that, I’m starting to think that the overly snarky, rudeness of a lot of “humor” is not healthy, either — it is wearing us down as a society. So is all the pessimism.

Yeah, sometimes things are bad. But you know what? Dwelling on it is making you boring.

Oh, and as a side note: Unless you go to some lengths to protect your IP address, it is recorded by most every site you visit. Search terms are as well. To be blunt: I know what you’re up to, I’m a computer scientist.