A Guarantee

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For the first time in my adult life, people can now read a novel I’ve written. It isn’t very long, compared to some of the things I’ve written. It doesn’t have a cover designed by a professional. My wife and I worked on it with a digital camera and the GNU Image Manipulation Program. I like it; it matches up with part of the book, and it gets my point across.

I can’t guarantee covers that blow all of the other e-book covers out of the water; but that’s not my goal, anyway. I like the cover, and I imagine some other people think it’s at least entertaining.

But I can guarantee this: All of the Cigars and Legs books will entertain at least a significant number of you. If you give it a chance. I’m currently reading John Locke’s book about books — How I Sold A Million eBooks in Five Months. It’ll be the first book of his I’ve read (probably not the last — he’s entertaining!), but it’s already made me think about how I’m going about this — and I’m not very far into it!

Just give The Boots Are Red A chance — hell, just read Amazon’s sample, or if you know someone who did buy it, ask them to lend it to you. The book is out there, it’s cheap as all get out, and there’ll be a lot more. I promise, this is going to be a fun ride. I may not always write hard-boiled detective novels, because I just like to write and sometimes I might run out of detective-y ideas, but I guarantee I’ll always write something fun.

So give ‘er a shot. If you don’t like it, return it, shred it on the Amazon page, send me a nasty e-mail. But if you do like it — tell people, tell me! Any feedback is welcome, unless you’re a lizard person and/or you’re wearing a leisure suit.