A New Wind

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Trump is going to win, and here’s why:

– “Crowd size doesn’t matter” wasn’t true eight years ago. Trump has a ton of people showing up everywhere he goes. Pence draws bigger crowds than Hillary and Kaine combined.
– “Yard signs don’t matter” wasn’t true eight years ago. These two combined show a ton of enthusiasm for Trump: that wasn’t there for McCain or Romney. Nobody was excited to get out and vote for them.
– “Primary turnout means nothing” wasn’t true eight years ago. Democrat turnout was down, Republican turnout was up — and Trump crushed the previous record for total votes for. More enthusiasm, more evidence of it.
– For all the enthusiasm for Trump there’s nothing for Clinton. People just won’t show up for her.

– The media coverage may actually be backfiring, finally. People are numb to Trump scandals now. They’re even numb to Clinton scandals, but the bitch keeps on giving.
– Everyone hates: the media, the party establishments, being told what to do or think by celebrities.

I’m certain of this one. Neither Romney nor McCain would fight back, nobody was really excited about either of them. Both of their VP picks were just conservative enough to draw people into voting with their nose held. But Trump doesn’t need that — he speaks to the issues that people care about, and care the most about. Romney tried, but he’d spent years being a middle-of-the-road, Northern liberal Republican. McCain was worse: he has a career of openly spiting the “conservative” people of this country.

As an aside, it’s so funny to me hearing some of these “conservative” people claim to be so. Many of them are the very opposite of actually conservative. Most of them won’t actually fight for conservative causes. The majority of them are just Democrat Lite, posing for the cameras, the official opposition party chosen to lose for the State Party. They’re patsies and fall guys, words without actions.

Vox Day is right — these conservatives haven’t actually conserved a damn thing. Except maybe their cushy media jobs.