A New Year

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The main point of the calendar year seems to be to make resolutions one won’t keep every December and to mark off what dates we pay taxes off of. The rest of our lives revolve around personal dates: birthdays, anniversaries, the holidays we make important. The financial sector uses a different year — October to September. All any calendar really does is mark time on our lives, mark when we spin around the sun.

Well, today is my birthday. It’s the start of my new year. I’ve done many revolutions around the star that gives us life. Instead of making new year’s resolutions in January, I’m going to make a few in June. I’m going to improve upon myself in every way, at different intervals. Daily, monthly, yearly.

This year, between today and May 31st, I intend to write as close to a million words of fiction as I can. It’s almost guaranteed to be more than I’ve written since my knee surgery.

I’m going to get into shape. Maybe not body-builder shape, but better shape with a better fit into my clothes.

Reading is also re-prioritized. I may not be able to match Ed’s 52 in 52 Weeks, and I’m not going to set that as a goal — that’s Ed’s baby. But I’m going to read every day.

Blogging and the brand are also going to become big goals. Which means I’ve got to sort out exactly what I’m going to do with the various domain names I’ve got. No more half-ass blog posts. No more wasted time.

That’s yearly. But to start out with, there are steps to each. This month I want to write 60,000 words of fiction. Here we go.

  • Ed

    Thanks for the shoutout.

    Happy birthday and to celebrate it I just bought The Boots Come Off. I’ll be waiting until after I’ve finished 52 books on 52 weeks project before I start reading sequels though.

    • That’s awesome. Thanks for the support; hopefully you’ll enjoy it. TBCO has one of my favorite endings I’ve written so far.