A Tale of Two Films

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Here we go again

Compare: Several critics (and several more SJWs) have complained about Suicide Squad. It’s been called all manner of names. To be upfront, I have not seen it and have little interest in doing so (especially at a theater), and so my thoughts are limited to the reaction. It’s been pretty negative.

Nobody involved in the movie has gone out and insulted the detractors. No one has called the disappointed fans basement dwellers. Only the fans starting a petition against Rotten Tomatoes have been made fun of. Nobody is insulting their genitals, nobody is calling them prejudiced. The accusation just isn’t there.

Despite the near-constant media nay-saying about the film it has made a fortune for an August release.

The second film to consider: Ghostbusters.

When the trailer dropped fans were livid. People had their opinions — largely negative, as the critical reception of Suicide Squad has been. To be fair, I haven’t seen the movie; my comments are again limited to the response. It was pretty negative — from people. The media tried to prop the flick up.

And people involved, including actors and the director, lay waste to their opponents. They mocked them, said they live in basements, called them racist and sexist. The media (in the form of film media types, not regular news anchors) lambasted the fans right with the stars.

Despite the media attempt to prop it up and the negative reaction toward people who weren’t pleased… the movie didn’t really do so well. In fact, Suicide Squad is going to dwarf it.

See, it doesn’t matter how hard the media push. People are over it. It doesn’t do any good for actors and directors to attack their fans. How stupid is that?

Name-calling those who disagree is only going to work for so long.

Also, appealing to the SJW-infested films media versus the fans presents a clear choice: make SJW-friendly points, or make money. It appears as though DC chose “money” — which works every time. Message-fiction doesn’t resonate — otherwise the biggest rock band of the 90s would have been DC Talk or another religious band.

But people don’t care about some random message. People want to be entertained. Go forth and entertain.