All about Ronnie

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Ronald Cavanaugh

Ron was born to Winston and Irene Cavanaugh (nee Bosarge) on June 15th, 1927, in Escagoula Point, Mississippi. He was the first of three children: his brother, Thomas, was a year behind, and his sister, Jean, came two years after that. Up until he left for college, Ron lived his entire life in Escagoula Point. The family never had much money, but the children never went without.
At 17, Ron began attending the University of Mississippi, considering himself to have missed out on the second War to End All Wars. Just shy of his twenty-first birthday, he graduated ahead of schedule with a bachelor’s in mechanical engineering. He then enrolled in the Air Force’s Flight Training School and became a pilot. His unit, the 49th Fighter Wing, was a significant part of the Korean War effort of the United States.
His first major and final flight was at the battle of Sunon Airfield. His plane took anti-aircraft chaff, and he had to land just five minutes after taking off, barely making it and sustaining multiple small wounds. The worst damage was to his knee, which took quite some physical therapy at Air Force Station Molesworth before he shipped back to the good old United States.
When he came back to find Kate murdered, and no leads or any real interest on the part of the police, Ron took it on himself to find out what happened. This was against the advice of his friends Murphy “Stretch” Dwyer and Lynn Dwyer, his former girlfriend and wife of Murphy.

– Smokes cigarettes on occasion, but prefers cigars.
– Drinks anything, but prefers whisky, specifically Scotch and Bourbon.
– Favorite color is grey.
– Drives a bright blue Dodge Meadowbrook, or a 1952 Norton Big Four he picked up in England.