All About Stretch

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Murphy “Stretch” Dwyer

“Stretch”, as he became known in Middle School, was born to James and Janet Dwyer on January 1st, 1927, in Escagoula Point, MS. Stretch was the last of four: Sisters Georgia and Louise, and brother Robert. His dad worked with Ron’s dad at the same plant, and also served in the Navy during World War I.
From a young age, Stretch was interested in finance. He ran a lemonade stand before anyone else in the neighborhood and constantly tried to make, and use, money. He got a full scholarship to Mississippi State to play basketball and graduated with honors in the summer of 1949. He returned to Escagoula Point and began working as an accountant for many of the businesses around town that were finding themselves needing just a bit of help during the expansion the town was seeing.
During this time, Ron was out of town — earning his own degree and serving in the Air Force — and Stretch began chatting up an old high school friend, Lynn. They hit it off, and in 1953, they were married. With her support Stretch started his own accounting firm and began to work almost exclusively for the Donnelly family’s many businesses.
Where Ron and Kate had a close friendship, Murphy didn’t get along much with Kate Nass. Lynn didn’t care for the Private Eye, either. But when Winston Cavanaugh called him after Kate’s death, he helped handle the estate from a financial perspective.

– Enjoys a good cigar with Ron, but not often on his own.
– Grew tall, fast, in middle school, which is how he earned his nickname.
– Didn’t much care for basketball, other than the fact he could usually beat Ron at it.
– Has flaming red hair and, if he grows it out, a flaming red beard.