Always Punch UP

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Punching down makes you look like a bitch.

Fresh off attacking Christians and dooming at least two of her movies to sub-par performance, Jennifer Lawrence was a bitch to a reporter. Heard this audio on the radio this morning, and assumed based on his accent that maybe the man was looking at his phone because he had his questions on it, or something. English doesn’t sound like his first language. Now reports are he was taking pictures of her (something she should be very well aware cell phones can do), you know, like a reporter does.

Also, she interrupted him twice and didn’t let him ask his question, then derided him because she didn’t understand where he was going with the question. Smug and wrong isn’t a good look. Punching down isn’t a good look, either.

Had the guy went out and attacked her I’d get putting him down because you can’t allow people to smack you down in public. But that isn’t what happened. Lawrence has built this image as a “down to earth” girl and that’s just ridiculous. She’s a rude, callous person and on top of that she’s not very bright. She’s not America’s Sweetheart — she’s just an overpaid, undertalented Hollywood fake.