Always Right, Pervert Edition

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Over the years, my fellow Americans who are mostly looked down upon by snooty politicians and media types — the ones who work hard, pay taxes, and live in what is referred to as “fly-over country” — the people who feel like their voices aren’t heard, the people who are astounded when they look for the country they were promised… the country that is being eroded daily.

These are the people who are frustrated, frustrated with politicians, frustrated with the media, frustrated with their voices going ignored. Frustrated to see their country held hostage by a vocal, angry minority. They’ll support a Donald Trump, or a Ben Carson. They’ll support anyone, so long as that person isn’t a filthy, conniving, back-stabbing politician. The kind of politician Jeb Bush is, the kind of politician who will take office and immediately turn his back on them for a pat on the back and a nickel from the media elite — and then he’ll let them have the nickel back.

Well, those people’s gut feeling has been right at every turn.

For the longest time conservatives made four arguments with regards to the legalization of gay marriage. They centered around things like incest, polygamy, and bestiality. Only the most extreme and bold warned about the coming legitimization of pedophilia. Well, right out the gate, within a year of the Supreme Court’s decision on marriage, we had that left-wing rag Salon propping up a pedophile and defending his life-choice as just. As long as he didn’t act on it, that was fine. He’s not a monster — it’s just a normal mental state, he can’t help it.

Being a schizophrenic isn’t something you can help, either, but you’re damned dangerous if you go around being a schizophrenic and un-medicated. If someone is a pedophile they damn well ought to be under watch and/or therapy because studies show how dangerous and insidious pedophiles really are. There’s no need to even link to statistics at this point: Anyone with two brain cells to rub together knows that pedophiles have the highest rates of recidivism.

Of course, they didn’t just start going for that. Then came this idea that men who identify as women should be allowed to use women’s restrooms and locker rooms. And this isn’t just some right-wing scare story, either: There was a ballot measure in Texas (that failed), and a lawsuit in Illinois over a girl’s locker room. This sort of thing also isn’t a hit with sex abuse survivors.

The idea, of course, is a grand we-have-to-love everyone hunk of horse-shit that says men who identify as women, whatever their genetic and physical characteristics, should be allowed to use whatever bathroom they damn well please. Like most liberal policies this is rife with problems that will arise from their unintended consequences. They like to forget that the road to hell is paved with good intentions (and adverbs).

The war on women isn’t being waged by the right: It’s being waged by liberal do-gooders.

Given that this is the sort of opening perverts of all stripes will use to further their goals of victimizing the innocent, maybe we shouldn’t just allow anyone who says they want to use the women’s restroom or locker room based on some ill-defined, obscure definition of what gender is. It’s harder to define what gender someone is now than it is to define what constitutes a catch in the NFL.

The next thing in the list? Incest. But no: They’ll never go for legitimizing incest!

Except here we are: Cosmo glorifies incest. The perverts out there didn’t slow down or even take a break after the gay marriage decision. Instead, they shifted gears and picked up speed. Full speed ahead on the deviancy train!

You know what’s ironic? This rant is seen as extreme! This is seen as hateful, homophobic even, transphobic. Ironically, some dickhead would probably say a post lamenting the war on women and girls is misogynist. This is what happens when you give an inch: they just keep pushing, keep eroding, keep demanding more. They become bold, their desire for victory is fed and grows stronger.

Well, to hell with all that. This is hateful, hurtful? Sometimes the truth hurts.