An interesting misstep.

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Today, Xavier Becerra (D-CA) said, in reference to the House bill to revoke federal funding for so-called sanctuary cities:

“Don’t take the Donald Trump bait,” he stated. “Don’t punish others for the crimes of the few.”

Ahem. Ignoring the Donald Trump bit at the beginning*, let’s focus on the latter end of that statement.

“Don’t punish others for the crimes of the few.”

What about others for the crimes of a few, when it comes to guns? There are seventy-million gun owners in this country (or more). There are millions of defensive gun uses. Guns stop rapes, murders, robberies, and all manner of crimes. Guns protect people. But any time a certifiably insane person uses one in an illegal manner, Mr. Becerra’s party rushes to pass laws that will only impact the law-abiding. They move to pass laws that will inconvenience us, make us less safe, make us spend more money. They take guns from mothers in New Jersey. They punish us for the crimes of the few.

And these laws have exactly zero impact on crimes being committed with guns.

The next time they try this someone needs to throw his words back at his party, including his Minority Leader who today said the problem was guns not illegals committing crimes. (As an aside: Listen, bozo, by definition illegals have already committed a crime.)

* I don’t care for Donald Trump, even if I do enjoy him riling up all the right people. I don’t believe his new found conservatism, and I don’t trust him.