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Some New Shit

Dear Politically Aware Active Fellow Americans,

The new hotness is apparently painting all Trump supporters with a brush dipped in the content of internet trolls, and then expecting us to disavow what some random internet troll says. Cathy Young has basically written a clinic on this by taking some anti-Semitic comments and using a broad brush to claim anyone critical of “conservatives” and their hypocrisy regarding Israel is an anti-Semite. She attempted to specifically use this as a defense for Jewish “conservatives” (all three of them). The thing is: if you’re all-right with Israel having strict immigration rules and you oppose the same rule for the United States, you’re a damn hypocrite. It has nothing to do with the ethnicity or religion of the folks in Israel — it’d be the same with Japanese Americans if a lot of them were defending Japan’s policies but running around trying to stop those same policies here.

Here’s a lesson from the church of hard reality: If any criticism of a group is construed as racist or hateful, then the implication becomes meaningless. In addition, when you hear all criticism as prejudice you are the prejudiced one.

A lot of media types are running a similar game right now, also: They find the worst statements they can, all from supposed Trump supporters, and blast all Trump supporters. Then when a bunch of Trump people and random trolls attack or disagree with them they act astonished, shocked. That’s what happens when you insult people: you get insulted back. This is basic human psychology. If you walk up to anyone with any balls at all and begin verbally accosting them, they’ll rail you right back. Why should you expect anything different?

This bit about finding disagreeable folk and demanding they be disavowed is a trap and we don’t play it anymore. I’m not responsible for what some random troll on the internet says. I’m not going to take time vetting the statements of everyone on the internet — even people I know and consider friends. What they say is what they say, and I have no control over it. When we play this game it becomes a trap, where the issues are shelved and one bad statement after another is brought out for me to deal with. You inch further and further, getting more and more condemnation out of me and offering nothing in return. We’re not talking about criminal acts, either — this isn’t like covering for a pedophile, for a recent example. We’re talking about words, words that are often misinterpreted by the offended to be viewed in the most offensive way possible. And yet — they never hold anyone else to account (witness Red State out there loving Dana Loesch attacking the appearance of another woman because she’s a Trump supporter — and then Loesch plays the victim when she’s criticized, of course), they never offer any criticism of their own.

When it comes to condemning every possible offensive statement folks ought to remember the words of the Christ: “Let he who is without sin cast the first stone.” Everyone says something stupid, or misspeaks, or says something another person might find offensive. The problem isn’t with words, but actions, and positions advocated.

Again, Never Trump folks: Keep in mind we’re all going to remember the name-calling, the smugness, and the lack of support. When Trump wins in November without your support we are all going to have very long memories. We’ll know we can go at this without you. You don’t get to be a part of the process after that. When I hear people like Megan McCain talk about being wooed and having the Trump side come to him I have a reflexive urge to bark out a “No.” That’ll never happen.

You know why Trump won with more votes than ever? You know why we’ve forgiven any missteps? You know why we don’t care what you on the losing side think?

Look at who is running the opposition to Trump on the right: Losers. Many time losers. Karl Rove — put us in this spot. Bush the First — lost to Clinton. Bob Dole — lost to Clinton. McCain — lost to Bush, then lost to Obama. Romney — lost to McCain, then lost to Obama. Ryan — couldn’t even deliver his home state. Graham — lost to Trump. Jeb Bush — lost to Trump. W. Bush — lost the House and Senate in 2006, put us in a situation that allowed a one-term, two-year Senator with no life experience outside academia and politics to win the Presidency. Erik Erikson — big time supporter of all these losers. Glenn Beck — a mentally ill man constantly supporting losers. Who opposed to Trump has won on a national stage and also not set us up for failure?

More than that they’re traitorous losers. McCain and Graham are famous for attacking their own side for political and egotistical gains, calling people wacko birds and racists. Romney’s healthcare plan was the basis for Obamacare, and Romney has attacked his own side as well. Rove, like everyone on this list, reserved more vitriol for his own side than his political enemies. Erikson is more critical of Trump and Trump supporters than Democrats, at least lately. W. Bush went into Iraq out of a sense of personal revenge and got us bogged down with seriously ill defined foreign policy. W. Bush signed the Patriot Act and was willing to re-authorize the Assault Weapons Ban. He also gave us the biggest turd on the Supreme Court, John Roberts. Jeb Bush castigated the citizens of his state while saying people breaking our laws and in many cases hurting our fellow citizens were doing so out of an “act of love.” Ryan, the biggest traitor of them all, immediately caved to Obama at every turn. And through it all they each attacked and maligned those of us in favor of America, the nation — the nation of laws.

Bill Clinton had a better immigration platform than the Republican Party over the last fourteen years. “We are a nation of immigrants, but also a nation of laws” is a quote from Clinton when he signed a bill strengthening our immigration process. Bush, Graham, McCain all wanted to weaken it.

Finally, to all of you out there saying there’s not a nickel of difference between Trump and a Democrat, or accusing Trump of faking it all and actually being a Democrat in populist’s clothing: If he were a Democrat, then the Republicans would be getting exactly what they want, because as we saw from 2002 until 2006 they will cave to Democrats even when holding the House, Senate, and Presidency. What big legislative goals were accomplished there? What big goals have the Republicans completed with the House over the last six years, or the Senate and the House in the last two? How have they actually stopped Obama’s agenda and record debt?

They haven’t. Trump being a Democrat isn’t true, because if it was, then the Republican elite would fawn all over themselves to prop him up and attack his opponents as mean-spirited, as divisive, and as racist/sexist/etc. That’s what the Republican party is best at: cowardly surrender and back-stabbing.