Anti-American Hollywood Elites

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One Last Post on the Jack Bauer of Assholes Express! Choo! Choo!

Today I’ve seen quotes from several out-of-touch, famous and/or rich people talking about the election results. These are far and away more vile than the hate spewed by the likes of Wil “I hate poor people” Wheaton (shut up, Wesley!) — on the one hand, Joss “I LOVE Teenage Girls” Whedon has made a mysterious statement that “we CANNOT allow Trump to serve a term”, and Paul Schrader is calling for violence and requesting the rich and famous pay for it.

Hey — if you’re a Trump supporter and you get beat up, maybe talk to a lawyer about going after Paul Schrader, since he is inciting the very violence you may run across.

Here’s the thing, though, and this will be a short post: Give us an excuse, you soft, pudgy, out-of-touch elitist scumbags. Really. Come at us. We’re damn tired of your hateful, spiteful, evil rhetoric about us. We relish the chance to see your get your comeuppance.

But it’s all just hot air, like everything else these pedophiles do — none of them will inconvenience themselves for any reason whatsoever. That’s why the rich get richer, and why they’re really opposed to Trump and populism: they want to keep taking from every other slice of the pie, and know this is the only chance the rest of us get to keep our heads above water.