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Could Trump have had a better week?

– Nailed down the nomination, Clinton lost in Indiana prolonging the fight.

– Paul Ryan, a ghastly loser, walked into a stupid statement and furthered his image as someone not concerned with what voters think. Keep in mind this is the loser who couldn’t even deliver his home state.

– Romney and the Bush family — mostly losers — won’t support him or be at the convention. Romney got to run because it was his turn, and he’s actually more liberal than Trump on a great deal of issues. HW Bush lost in 1992 because he’s a politicians politician, and had he won the nomination in 1980 Carter would have won a second term. W Bush put us in a position where Pelosi and Reid were in charge of congress and Obama won easily. Jeb Bush is a low energy dweeb.

– Ben Sasse threw a hissy. Ben Sasse is also a defender of the pedophile Hastert, because Hastert is in the politician club.

– John McCain is worried he won’t win re-election because of Trump. Trump ought to endorse his primary challenger to guarantee we’re done listening to this whistling backstabber.

– Lindsay Graham won’t support Trump. You can’t pay for an endorsement like that.

– Hillary Clinton is doubling and tripling down on her stupid campaign ideas — ads that make Trump look good, that slogan (“Love trumps hate”), and the whole woman card thing. Yeah, some women might go for that but try winning an election with 10% of men.

– The Koch brothers are trying to be catered to. Let them go — the Dems spent years trashing them and their money as influence, and embracing that money would just solidify them as hypocrites and Trump as an outsider.

– Chris Matthews got caught on a hot mic making comments about Trump’s wife being attractive. It’s funny because Chris Matthews always manages to look like a gross creepy clown, but it also gives him some ammunition about how the media treats women — and he needs help there.

On the drive home Wednesday I flipped on talk radio because I forgot it was the time of day Megan McCain has a show. She was very flippant and smug, talking about how we/Trump need to court her vote. As I said in the open letter: No.

When your father, a man quick to crawfish on his allies, became the nominee we all heard how we had to get in line. Many of us did, and voted for the “lesser of two evils.” When Romney became the nominee it was the same story. And more of us did, in the end. Now, either you can get in line and be a part of this, or you can roll the dice on whether or not Trump wins without you.

If he does, you’re fucked. You’re politically irrelevant and nobody has to listen to you ever again.

Another thing she said was some ramble about him calling women fat cows. I was unaware this was Trump’s position on all women — he’s been pretty specific in his insults. He usually is, and he tailors them to the target. Yeah, he said that thing about Fiorina’s face and it came across as unnecessary, but he also went after his male opponents on their appearance (especially Rand Paul and Marco Rubio, but some Ted Cruz hits too).

That said, I do think Trump will waver a bit on certain issues and he’ll reach out — to those he finds important enough to. There are also a great deal of issues he didn’t make central to his campaign, and he is pretty free to adopt the Republican policy on those issues. He’s also free to pick almost anyone as Vice President — I’d like to see Rand Paul, just for the look on people’s faces. I would not like Kasich, even though I see the political expediency in it. Kasich might be quick to turn his coat inside out if given the chance. No sir.

Trump’s biggest concern re:VP is going to be picking someone he thinks can carry the torch after him. As much as Cheney was a good pick in many areas, he was a poor pick for that: the man retired from politics. Bush should have picked someone more apt to carry on, though I’m not sure he could have won after the disaster that was the last six years of W’s presidency. (Though, the Bush family is awful at picking VPs — Jeb probably would have chosen Graham.)

Another thing I keep hearing about is how behind he is in polls to Hillary, how high his negatives are… first off, how far back was Reagan versus Carter at this point? Second, polls have continually been dead wrong about Trump and every time the experts call something his ceiling it seems to annoy fate and Murphy enough to push him higher.

Looked at from a distance, Trump is a Warlock from Mars and his super power is making his opponents work for him or suicide their campaigns. Hillary keeps stepping into making him look better (and dressing like a North Korean dictator), Cruz ate a booger on national television, and Marco Rubio called him “Big Donald” in what has to be the single most homosexual moment in a Republican debate that didn’t feature Lindsay Graham. (Not that there’s anything wrong with Rubio’s rumored secret life, other than lying to his wife about it.)

He also continues to embarrass pundits, even the elite who are supposed to be right.

So, yeah: Go ahead, Never Trump. Don’t participate. Self-exile. Continue to ignore or mock the legitimate concerns of others. We’ll be over here making America great again.