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Hurricane Audrey – Chapter 9

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Chapter 9 After speaking to Ellen Henry’s mother, I arranged a meeting with Fairbanks. This time without any surprises, without any pretenses. I needed answers, and she needed to give them to me — whether she understood that or not. The woman showed up on time, being driven in a large black sedan. She rolled down her window but stayed… Read more »

Progress: Lent, Low Carb, No Alcohol: Update 1

So far, so good. I’ve managed to avoid a lot of carbs, sticking mostly to broccoli, cauliflower, and Brussels sprouts. A busy weekend took me out of it a bit but I managed to avoid anything too detrimental. No soda, no snacks, no sugar is easy once you make the decision. No alcohol is even easier. I solely drink water… Read more »

Which is it?

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For the last several months we’ve been inundated with leaks about Trump and Russia. Somehow the government knew when Flynn spoke to the Russian Ambassador. Somehow the government knew this, that, and the other — sometimes “knowing” things we now know are false — but they “knew.” People within the government leaked several things about the President and/or his people…. Read more »

Hurricane Audrey — Chapter 7

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Chapter 7 Anderson watched Ron Cavanaugh get into his car and drive toward the police station. He knew that’d be where the fellow was heading; the arraignment for Audrey Carmen was later this afternoon. Anderson pulled out onto main after Cavanaugh but turned at the first right and began to head toward the county proper. He drove the long way… Read more »

Lent, 2017

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Starting tonight, I’m going to be trying a few things for Lent. These include: – Avoiding most political/news sites, and other bad-habits that I tend to waste time on. Because these are bad for me (c’mon just gimme an update, gimme my fix), and I should use my time better. – No added sugars. No junk food, fast food, or… Read more »

New Link: Splendid Isolation

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Everyone go over and see Splendid Isolation by non-other than Kim du Toit! While the circumstances around his return to blogging aren’t the happiest, seeing his words on a screen again are fantastic — he is one of the many bloggers who inspired me to actually take up the keyboard and blog myself. Also, don’t forget stop by Surviving Life… Read more »

Review: Fool Moon

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When I first got into the Dresden Files I went through most of them pretty quickly; we’re talking, I finished twelve of them inside of three weeks. That’s more than a book every two days and a lot of that was me languishing in the first book. Storm Front was great but didn’t capture me the way the latter books… Read more »