Background, High and Mighty, and a Hot Rod Huckster

This Week (July 1-7) in 1954…

This week saw the release of two major films, the re-release of one, and the release of an animated short.

On July 1st, the British film Background, staring Valeria Hobson, Philip Friend, and Norman Wooland, was released in the United States as Edge of Divorce. IT’s a film about a couple (Friend and Hobson) who have been married for almost twenty years but are facing a breaking pooint. When they announce their decision to get a divorce, their children react and everything goes tango uniform…

July 3rd brought about he release of The High and The Mighty, and the re-release of the Egg and I.
– The High and the Mighty is about the passnegers and crew on a flight from Hawaii to California. it stars John Wayne as the First Officer, Dan Roman. The plane develops engine problems midway through its flight, over the ocean, and this is the central focus of the movie.
– The Egg and I, a 1947 film, was re-released. It’s the story of a young, married couple who become chicken farmers.

Hot Rod Huckster, a Woody Woodpecker film, was released on July 5th.

– On July 1st, the United States officially adopted the International Nautical Mile.
– On July 3rd, US Artist Reginald Marsh died at the age of 56.
– On July 4th, West Germany beat Hungary 3-2 to win the FIFA World Cup.