Beer Review Week 2, Day One: Rogue Mocha Porter

I should probably stop starting these weeks with a beer I intend to enjoy the hell out of. This week’s starter is the Rogue Mocha Porter. Say it with me now: This IS my usual Dark Brew.

Upon pouring I was greeted with a beer that is as black as my heartless libertarian soul. The head was glorious (bada BA!), a deep creamy color that contrasted well with the dark beer. This is seriously dark, and I cannot stress that enough. It is a stealth beer. It smelled good, a little hoppy maybe, but good — some chocolate/coffee notes in the aroma. So how’d it taste?

By itself: Great. Dark, definitely beer flavor, chocolate and coffee hints. No aftertaste to speak of. With food: Great, even better than plain. I had a slice of spinach pizza to go with it, and this was one of the best things I’ve put in my mouth that wasn’t connected to a woman’s chest. With spicy food (a bit of habanero jack cheese): Even better!

I would say of the Beer Review Week Beers, this one was definitely the top so far.

As an added note, the website for Rogue has (in addition to a cool domain name) a great letter about the UPS being a bit… ah… harsh when it comes to their treatment of beer.