Beer Review Week: Beck’s German Sapphire

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Usually, I’m a fan of dark beers. Beers as dark as my black conservative heart. That’s just how I roll. Saturday night we had occasion to stop off at a bar and they had a near-coffee flavored drink. I had my fill of it — it was wondrous.

One of the local supermarkets has a few loose beers on a shelf and a stack of six pack containers. The idea is for you to pick six of any variety. I went with a lot of stuff I wouldn’t normally buy — especially not six of — just to try some new brews. The first one is tonight’s beer, Beck’s German Sapphire. I must at this point make note that I tend to absolutely hate Pilsner beers. I drink stuff like Buffalo Sweat, which is made out of oatmeal, and Jefferson Stout, which is made out of Sweet Potatoes.

Upon visual inspection, it is a very light in color beer. Similar in shade to a darker Scotch. It produced a white head when poured into the frosty mug (all of these will be poured into a frosty mug). It smells hoppy but not overtly so, and boasts 6% ABV.

Enough unimportant details. How does it taste?

It almost doesn’t.

The beer is ridiculously smooth. There’s no bitter bite like an IPA, there’s not that bitter twang that a Pilsner has, none of the soapy notes some beers boast. If you held your nose, you might not even realize it was beer and not water. This isn’t a bad thing. This is one of the smoothest and least offensive beers I’ve ever tried. This could be dangerous in the wrong hands. It is amazingly pleasant to drink a cold beer like this.

There is flavor, don’t get me wrong. It’s just very light on the tongue. It has a great mouth feel. I cannot believe this is a Pilsner.

Would I buy it again? Maybe, especially in the summer time.