Beer Review Week Bonus: Tin Roof Parade Ground Coffee Porter

Oh. Yeah. This is certainly My Usual Dark Brew. A somewhat local company, being in Baton Rouge, today I’m drinking Parade Ground Coffee Porter. Unfortunately, it appears to be a seasonal.

This guy pours out of the can and is black. Black like my libertarian heart. Light creamy foam, and a lot of it — big head on this beer. The smells are as the label says: some coffee, malt, chocolate hints. Some beery smell, too.

The taste? Great. Deep, dark coffee flavor. There’s a bit of a twinge to it, a little bitter, that a lot of dark beers have, but it’s not overpowering. I’d like it more without that flavor, but it seems almost universal. It’s a similar twinge to Guinness, which is one of my favorites. Almost a metallic taste, but not quite. Still, again, the beer is really good. Really good.

For this week:

1 – (tie) Rogue Mocha Porter.
1 – (tie) Parade Ground Coffee Porter.
3 – George Killian’s Irish Red.
4 – Sam Smith’s Nut Brown Ale.
5 – Covington Brewhouse’s Bayou Bock.
6 – Kirin Ichiban.
7 – ESB by Redhook.

ESB was by no means bad, and these beers are mostly ranked in order of dark to light. All of them are better than a [Crappy Mass Produced] Lite.