Beer Review Week — Redbridge

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This one is interesting right off the bat: A gluten free beer. So how does sorghum work as a replacement?

Well, it doesn’t look much different from a normal beer. A golden brown, which is something of a trend with these reviews. The head, of which there wasn’t as much as some of the others, is a deep yellow. It doesn’t seem to have much of a smell or odor.

Now, for the important part: It tastes pretty good. It’s Not My Usual Dark Beer, but the dark golden brown is close enough to my dark, libertarian heart to work. There’s zero bitterness to it. It’s pleasantly carbonated — not too much, but you can definitely tell. It’s light, in a not so filling kind of way. Overall, I’d say it’s pretty good — maybe number two on the list so far.

It’s also apparently as friendly to Paleo diets as beer can get. If you’re looking for beer and no gluten — try it.