No Comments on Belgium

Wake up

Even if I grant as true the idea that not all Muslims are like that, not all Muslims support it, that there are peaceful Muslims… it is undeniable now that the worst actors among the Muslim population will use and abuse the attempts from the West at multiculturalism to spread their monstrous behavior. Does it matter if the terrorists today are refugees or regular immigrants?

Until the situation is sorted we cannot afford to risk more lives and more sexual assaults by allowing a group of potential lunatics and savages into the West. Period, full stop.

Further, the Bush/Obama foreign policy of intervening to weaken or topple strong secular leaders in the name of freedom is clearly a failed policy. With a strong Assad and any government at all in Iraq the rise of Daesh, the Al Qaeda “JV team”, would have been at the very least slowed. We cannot afford leaders interested in sticking our collective dicks back into the assorted hornet nests.

I will also be cynical and point out that, just recently, Clinton suggested we give Obamacare coverage to illegal immigrants; that is, people unknown to our system of government, people likely not paying taxes, people by their very definition violating our laws and in many cases violating many more of our laws. People that choose not to take part in our society. They get free stuff from the taxpayers who do choose to take part. She said this shortly before Belgium forced her to pivot on border security.

A nation has borders, and security, and a nation has citizens. It is irritatingly ironic that people insisting we need security in so many other ways — airport security theater, searching our personal information without a warrant, restrictions on guns — are so arrogantly dismissive of security at the border. Where anything can come in, and anything does: the gun-running scheme shows that guns go one way over the border with ease. Does anyone doubt that if, tomorrow, all guns were banned criminals wouldn’t bring them back over the border? Drugs are already illegal and they pour over the border. Illegal immigration is illegal, and yet they come. This porous mess is a security nightmare.

Anyone saying or thinking otherwise is a fool unfit for office.