Book Sale!

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Both of the first two novels in the Cigars and Legs series are on sale now:

Everyone is a Suspect
The Boots Are Red

The Boots Are Red is the first book, starting with Ron’s journey back to his home town to find his friend murdered. With nobody else taking an interest, Ron decides to pursue it on his own. And man does it get him in trouble!

Everyone is still a suspect
The Boots Come Off

The exciting conclusion to the Kate Nass Murder, and second book in the Cigars and Legs books. Find out how it ends for Ron and Audrey in this one!

These are going on sale for the rest of October for $1.59 each. Tell everyone!

The next book has yet to be titled but I hope to have it out early to mid-2013. In the mean time I’m working on a few other projects, too, to keep on entertaining everyone!