A Cigar a Day?

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When I first started smoking cigars, they were an occasional treat. I tend to dedicate a long time to smoking a stogie and it’s just hard to find that kind of time and lead any sort of life. After some time they became a weekends kind of thing — Friday night we’ll chill on the porch, some booze and a cigar for me, and long conversations with my wife and her long legs. I also started smoking Seconds while cutting the grass.

I only ever smoked in two places: The yard, and the pool hall.

But then a few months ago I decided something: One smoke in the car won’t ruin the car, and besides, I plan on driving it into the ground anyway. It’s MY damn car, right? So on a Friday, I took a cigar with me to work, and smoked it on the drive home (which is almost long enough to finish a small cigar). As per usual, I was right: The car is still functional, and the smell of a cigar fades pretty quickly. (It also probably helps that I keep the window cracked!)

Then, around March, I decided I’d do that on any day where work was particularly… irritating, or days when I was able to accomplish a lot. Then it became every day on the drive home for a few weeks. Then I stopped, because the smell seemed to build up. And it faded… and so I started back on the occasional smoke.

Daily smokes weren’t bad. I think I might work my way back up to it.