An Egyptian and a Dual in the Jungle!

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This Week (August 19-25th) in 1954…

A short week this week: Just two films!

Duel in the Jungle was released on August 21st. This adventure was directed by George Marshall and stars Dana Andrews as Scott Walkers, Jeanne Crain as Marian Taylor, and David Farrar as twins Perry and Arthur Henderson. The movie starts with an American insurance investigator going to Rhodesia to investigate a suspicious death: That of a major diamond dealer!

And on the 24th, The Egyptian was released by 20th Century Fox. Directed by Michael Curtiz, this epic stars Jean Simmons, Victore Mature, and Gene Tierney. It tells the story of a physician named Sinuhe, who happens to encounter the pharaoh Akhnaton, and his story…

(Also a note: In September this is going to switch from a weekly thing to a monthly due to the sheer amount of weeks with little to nothing happening in them…)