Audrey Carmen

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Some background information on Audrey Marie Carmen, one of my favorite characters to write:

Audrey was born to Richard and Lynn Carmen (nee Mason) on April 10th, 1929, in Huntsville, Alabama. She was the last of five children: Richard Jr., Donald (Duke), Amanda Lynn Johnston (nee Carmen), and George “Babe” Carmen. When Audrey was 12, the family moved to Birmingham where her father worked as a manager for a soda company. Her parents were always thrifty, even when Richard Sr.’s success brought them a fair fortune.

Audrey attended Birmingham-Southern for four years (1947-1951), where she studied English, eventually graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in English. During her time at Birmingham-Southern she participated many of the plays and productions. This followed a high school career filled with acting roles.

Despite her parents wishes to the contrary, from a young age Audrey found herself falling in with a bad crowd. She got in more fights than any of the other girls at her high school and was almost expelled from Birmingham-Southern at one point for her involvement in a prank during an atheltic event. This trouble continued even after college: Audrey worked in Birmingham for a year under her father’s supervision, but kept getting into trouble. In 1952, she skipped town and began working for her mother’s cousin, Chet Mason, in Escagoula Point.

Chet had, by this point, been injured by Kate Nass and was barely able to look after himself, so Audrey’s arrival was good for him, and his business. Her father arranged a house for her in Escagoula Point.

– Despite the Phillip-Morris company attempting to lure men to the Marlboro brand, Audrey still smokes her old favorites. She picked up the nasty habit as a teenager to get back at her parents.
– Her favorite alcoholic drink is red wine, specifically Cabernet Sauvignon, but she can throw back beer and whisky too. She picked up those habits in college.
– Her favorite color is red.
– Drives a red, 1954 Dodge Royal (as of 1954, previous cars were other red sporty vehicles).