August Status Update

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Here We Go


The next Cigars and Legs collection is off to the proofreader. After that, barring any major problems, it’s just minor fixes and cover time.

Other than Cigars and Legs I’ve mostly focused on a new series.

They won’t be books but I am toying with the idea of doing a chapter-a-week (or month) web-series.


I have finished several books: Scott Adams’ book about success with the long title, the eye-opening Influence, and Choose Yourself. I have notes for reviews for all three.

On the fiction side, I have read all of the Dresden Files main series, several Monster Hunter, and Abandon by Blake Crouch, in addition to going way back and reading the first Scarpetta book and an Alex Cross book.

I intend to try a review a week.


With everything else going on, this has been the one area to lose focus.


Every day I have an idea for a political post but… the internet is dark and full of terror.