Beer Review Week: George Killian’s Irish Red

It’s not My Usual Dark Brew but kind of close. Today we’re looking at George Killian’s Irish Red.

Pouring it, it’s a darker color than a lot of the beers so far during the Beer Review Week. It’s a dark reddish gold, with a very light colored head. Not too much head, so it didn’t do that thing where I pour the entire bottle in and then the thing overflows that some heady beers do. Nice slightly malty/toasty smell but not overpowering.

Kind of bland, but a bit of a malt flavor and some bitterness. Nothing overpowering about it, in my opinion. Kind of a watery mouth feel, light on the carbonation. Went pretty good with spicy food (all of these beers are pretty much tasted with spicy food). It was overall a good beer, if you want something to go well with spicy food. That’s probably its best quality — the combination was right up there with My Usual Dark Brew style beers, and I can see it tasting good with a lot of other kinds of food, too.