Ben Howe: Coward, Collaborator, Cuck

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The Mask Is Off

At the San Jose Trump rally a female Trump supporter was attacked by anti-Trump, anti-America thugs. These fools waved Mexican flags, they spit on her, they threw eggs at her. It is the very legal definition of assault. Because of the true nature of the attack the media has been running cover, pretending this is just a result of Trump’s rhetoric. Some have blamed the woman.

This cannot stand.

“The answer to free speech is more free speech.” That’s the saying, the cliche, and the truth. Crossing the line from speech to physical violence is terrorism, pure and simple: the idea is to scare people away from using their free speech. Fear of violent repercussion is a hell of a motivating factor.

Ben Howe, previously named the Cucklord General, immediately voiced his opinion… that he didn’t see any violence. It was a “Halloween prank.” She provoked them. She “shook her ass” at them and “flipped them off.” In other words: She expressed herself within the legal confines of free speech.

As a man I judge the behavior of others toward women through a simple filter: “what if they did that to my wife?” Or mother, daughter, sister — pick one. My wife is not a Trump supporter (nor is she a Clinton supporter), so it is a bit of a stretch but: If someone hurled eggs at my wife and spit on her, I wouldn’t shrug it off as a “prank.” I would violently respond. Because such acts are merely the first evidence of dehumanization.

The thugs attacking that woman no longer saw her as a person with human rights. They saw her as an enemy to be treated as their anger dictated.

That is extraordinarily dangerous. That is how rape mobs get started in the middle east. Women aren’t people — they’re things to be treated as the mob decides. Dangerous. Disgusting. Horrifying. I would reply to it with extreme violence for the same reason violence was used against that woman: to scare people away from that line of behavior.

It’s the basic instinct of every living creature on the planet: if you get too close to a wasp nest the horde stings you. This will continue until one of two things happens: you retreat to a safe distance or the wasps are all dead. The wasps don’t do this because they enjoy stinging people. They do it to discourage you from approaching them again in the future. This is so effective that many of us who have been stung have a visceral reaction to the sight of those damn bugs.

More animals are dangerous to people defensively than offensively: sure, a bear, wolf, or lion might want to eat you. But a cobra doesn’t, a black widow spider doesn’t. Fear of snakes and spiders is natural not because there is anything particularly frightening about their appearance or desire to eat us, but because in our ape-brains we recognize danger.

These instincts are important to our survival. Ben Howe lacks them completely. It is no surprise his marriage did not work out — he has absolutely no backbone for defending women at all. The manosphere can talk all day about the motivations and wants of women but a pretty basic requirement is the desire to be safe.

His marriage isn’t my fodder here to be cruel, but rather to point out the deep flaw in a man that is collaborating with the enemies of the United States. And they are our enemies, have no doubt: regardless of who the woman supported, a mob using violence to suppress the basic human right, enshrined in the Constitution, of free speech is an enemy.

Period, no discussion necessary. I will repeat that in smaller words: Violent suppression of free speech makes the mob our enemy.

Providing aid and comfort, or in this case excuse and cover, for their behavior makes Ben Howe a collaborator.

His anti-Trump delusion is so powerful that the man cannot see how this behavior is dangerous to our nation, dangerous to our people — and dangerous to women. Remember, supposedly it’s the right (and especially the alt-right and Trump supporters) that are dangerous to women. Yet here we are again, another case of the Social Justice Establishment (of which Cucklord General Ben Howe is a member) defending the abuse of a woman.

Because she had it coming.

Wow, what a man.

You know who else hates collaborators and cowards? Ron Cavanaugh, the protagonist in The Boots Are Red