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Be a Bear: Independent and Fearsome

I’m doing great.

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I am extremely happy lately. There are blips here and there of things that make me unhappy, but mostly, I’m in a fantastic mood. Moreso outside of work, but hey, that’s one place where I’m forced to be around people who may or may not be damaging my calm.

Death Threats, Having Real Enemies, and being a Coward

I don’t have a lot of real enemies in life, but it’s easy to construct one in my head of a person who has (even unintentionally or unknowingly) wronged me. Someone who has slighted me. It’s easy, really easy, to imagine that this person is somehow responsible for an ill in my life and therefore they are my enemy. When… Read more »

Rule Breaker

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I’ve had an interesting relationship with the “manosphere” (a term I’ve come to loathe) — initially, when I came across it, I was enthralled with the idea. Finally, people who are outraged about the same stuff I am, and aren’t necessarily nutty political hacks. It was refreshing to say the least. My introduction came through the post Welcome to the… Read more »

Watch your six.

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Over at Danger and Play there is a great article and discussion about self defense and situational awareness. I’ve commented quite a bit there, but have some expanded thoughts. People tend to fall into one of two categories: Pack animals or herd animals, and there is a difference. The two victims in that video are herd animals. They’re just kind… Read more »