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Garden of Evil and a Twist of Fate

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This Week (July 8-14) in 1954… Garden of Evil was released on July 9th. This western stars Gary Cooper and Susan Hayward. Cooper plays Hooker, part of a group heading to California to prospect for gold. They stop in Mexico and are hired to rescue Leah Fuller’s (Hayward) husband. Twists and turns see them facingmuch adversity during their journey! On… Read more »

Background, High and Mighty, and a Hot Rod Huckster

This Week (July 1-7) in 1954… This week saw the release of two major films, the re-release of one, and the release of an animated short. On July 1st, the British film Background, staring Valeria Hobson, Philip Friend, and Norman Wooland, was released in the United States as Edge of Divorce. IT’s a film about a couple (Friend and Hobson)… Read more »

A Coup, A Mutiny, and Susan Slept Here

This Week (June 24th-30th) in 1954… On June 27th, Guatemalan President Jacobo Arbenz Guzman steps down as a result of the coup that has been going on in his country. There are claims of United States interference leading the coup, but these are as yet unsubstantiated by the standards of this 1950s era newspaper! The film The Caine Mutiny hit… Read more »

Gladiators, Tasmanian Devil, and Them!

This Week (June 17-23rd) in 1954… The summer movie season is starting to get well under way. This week movie goers were treated to two films (Them! and Demetrius and the Gladiators) and a short out of Warner Brothers Studios (Devil May Hare). Them! is a science fiction film directed by Gordon Douglas. The film covers the interaction of an… Read more »

Student Prince, Helen Keller, and Under God

This Week (June 10th-16th) The Student Prince debuted on Tuesday. This Richard Thorpe musical features Ann Blyth, Edmund Purdom, and the singing voice of Mario Lanza. On June 15th, the biographical documentary Helen Keller in Her Story debuted. This film covers the story of Helen Keller’s struggles being deaf and blind. On the 14th, President Eisenhower signed a bill adding… Read more »

Veterans, Armistice, and the Bilderberg Group

This Week (May 27th-June 2nd) in 1954. President Eisenhower signed legislation on Tuesday, June 1st, to officially change the name of Armistice Day to Veterans Day in the United States. This new holiday will honor all our veterans. The holiday still falls on November 11th in remembrance of the official peace starting on the 11th hour of the 11th day… Read more »

Fire on the water, pirates, and three soggy coins

This Week (May 20-26) in 1954… On Wednesday, May 26th, the USS Bennington caught fire off Narragansett Bay in the Rhode Island Sound. Fire crews worked valiantly to snuff out the flames, but 103 servicemen were killed in the blaze. In the seemingly weekly communist update, Chiang Kai-shek was re-elected in the Republic of China. Kai-shek is an anti-capitalist Chinese… Read more »

Brown v Board, Anatahan, and the Musty Musketeers.

This week (May 13-19) in 1954… On Monday, May 17th, the Supreme Court of these United States decided the Brown v. Board of Education of Topeka case. This landmark ruling will have impacts that echo from sea to shining sea. The decision was unanimous in stating that separate educational facilities are inherently unequal. This goes against the doctrine established in… Read more »

Jail Bait, War, and the Fastest Mile

This Week (May 6-12) in 1954 On Wednesday, the newest Ed Wood film, Jail Bait, was released. This is a crime film, starring Timothy Farrell. Farrell plays gangster Vic Brady, a career criminal and armed robber. Brady and Don Gregor, played by Clancy Malone, get into quite a bit of trouble after robbing a theater… Tuesday marked the last episode… Read more »