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Tomorrow’s Goals:

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– Blog Post, unrelated to 21 Points. – Standing Desk, half day. – IronMinds grips, 10 closures per hand. – Cook, because I enjoy having that power. Deal with damn ants. I re-prioritized this item… – (If not Lightning) Nail that frikken board back into place! OR (If Lightning) Additional 500 words. Hit all my goals today; so far I’ve… Read more »

21 Points to Glory

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Through Matt Forney, I’ve started reading both Danger and Play and Sploosh, two of the few additions to my blog reading during my indefinite blog reading hiatus. Mike Danger referenced Sploosh’s 21 Points to Glory list. I like it. I’m going to borrow it, with some modifications. 1. Up by 0530 on week days. Victor Pride says 0500, Sploosh has… Read more »