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First Round Hockey Predictions — Not Looking So Hot… in two spots.

Picked the Bruins over Detroit — still looks likely. Picked Tampa over Montreal. SHEESH… they might get swept tonight. Picked New York over Philly. Looks good. Picked Pittsburgh over Columbus — woo woo… Anaheim over Dallas — still feeling okay… San Jose over Los Angeles. Feel good about this one. Chicago over St. Louis — this is the second one… Read more »

The Washington Capitals should fire Thomas Wilson.

I’ve honestly not been paying too close attention to hockey. The games are hard to find on TV, the TV product is kind of annoying lately, and the regular season is long. With everything else going on (knee surgery, Bendy’s upcoming surgery, knee recovery…) I’ve just been out of the loop. Tonight, I happened to notice the Washington/Philly game —… Read more »

Winless and Lossless

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I was wrong about one. Just one: The Bucs couldn’t get their first win. Denver lost, Kansas won, Jags lost, Giants won. We are now down to two winless teams and one undefeated team. That brings my total (not counting my previous unreported perfection) to 29/40. Not bad, I’m almost batting .750. So this week there are three possible games:… Read more »

To 0-5 and 5-0 and beyond.

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And here we go: New Orleans: Still undefeated. And going on to 16-0. Seattle: I picked them to lose and they did. I have the power. New England: Wow. Denver: Won thanks to the heroic effort of Tony Romo and the Dallas defense. Chiefs: I kept forgetting they were undefeated, and they kept winning. Losers: Jaguars: 0-16 beckons. Steelers: Had… Read more »

3-0 and 0-3… to 4-0 and 0-4.

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And we’re off: New Orleans — still undefeated. Still hoping for 16-0. Chicago — My first loss on the winners side. Should have paid more attention to Detroit, I guess. They’ll be 3-2 after next weekend. Seattle — Houston snatched defeat from the jaws of victory. Seattle might lose this weekend. In fact, Seattle loses this weekend is my pick…… Read more »

2-0 and 0-2, update to 3-0 and 0-3…

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Let’s see how I did: New Orleans: Still undefeated. I’m still hoping for 16 and 0. Chicago: Also still undefeated. They’ll win this weekend, but lose next! Seattle: Still undefeated… still hope my Saints beat them. Miami: To quote an old pro-wrestler, “You’re Next!” New England: Also, still undefeated. Houston: I said Baltimore would win, and I was right. Denver:… Read more »

2-0 and 0-2 predictions.

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I forgot to post my picks for the first two weeks, but trust me, I was right 100% of the time, even down to the scores and attendance figures. I’m that good. Now, on to the teams who are currently 2-0 and 0-2 because that’s where I’m going to make my predictions: New Orleans — gonna go 16-0! No losses…. Read more »