Cutting a Cigar in Half

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This idea occurred to me having watched some Band of Brothers and noting that Bull always had a stubby cigar. I wondered if, to make them last longer on a low supply, he was cutting them into mission-sized chunks. It made sense: If done carefully, you have two cigars, kind of like the myth about earthworms. They’re just smaller.

On the way home today I had to stop off at a store and wouldn’t have time to smoke a full one, and to add to my woes, I hadn’t brought any. Fortunately, I am a smart man, and chose a store next to a reputable Tobacconist. On the way out I swung by, bought a Montecristo, and promptly cut it in half. Good, clean cut. I chose the end already clipped and lit up. This would work well with a longer cigar, but I had to choose something that would fit in the backup cutter I’d brought with me today and the selection was (pun intended) slim on brands I knew what to expect from. I know Montecristo cigars. They’re my go-to — so any difference, I’d know.

It worked all-right with the half I had. It burned hotter than usual at the start, which was to be expected. I might try it again — the cigar didn’t come out bad. In a pinch…

Oh, and it lasted almost exactly as long as I figured.