Excalibur Limited Edition

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Ahh, Hoyo de Monterrey.

This isn’t my first Excalibur, and it won’t be my last. These are hand rolled, a nice combination of filler and binder. Premium cigars, well constructed.

I’ll start with that: The look of these cigars is great. Some of the most flawless cigars I’ve seen on the outside. They’re about as pretty as a cigar gets without being a prop. That look continues on to the construction. I like well put together cigars almost as much as well put together legs. I think it’s something about the hand-rolling that just perfects a cigar.

The smell of the cigar, unlit, is pretty much as to be expected. Nothing fancy, but not repulsive, either. Lit, it’s pretty good smelling. It tastes better than it smells. The tobacco burns well, it stays lit, it doesn’t burn too fast or hot.

I liked this cigar, just like the other Excaliburs I’ve had. It’s not my favorite but they’re worth having in the humidor. It went well with bourbon, but I can see it going well with Scotch, too. (Which is what I had with the others.)

Give it a try; they’re under $10 each, but over $3, which puts them firmly in the camp of cigars I like on a Friday after a long week. (sub $3 is a sort of every day, doing yardwork kind of cigar; over $10 is a “it better be great!” price point I’ve only once found!)