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I’m also going to add this to the side bar:

Fit Juice Link

I highly recommend Fit Juice and have been reading it for a long time. Before I got bogged down with some stupid personal issues and let my knee depression throw me into a funk, I was juicing every day with a slightly modified version of his Real V8 juice. I was less hungry through the day with a juice in the morning, I was more alert, I was happier — and there were, ah, “certain sexual side effects” but in a good way. Having fresh vegetable and fruit juice is like a good shock to your system. I’ve decided to make juicing a daily part of my routine again — and will be using Fit Juice as a great guide.

Also, every interaction I’ve had with Mike has been really good. He’s genuinely interested in helping people help themselves — and above all else, he’s actually genuine. You don’t come across that every day.