Honda vs Discover — Round 1

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I used my Discover card at Target last year, during the breach time period. Since then, I’ve watched it carefully.

I have a Honda Civic because I’m cheap and like the gas mileage. My year has a fault that makes the tires wear evenly.

For the second part, they offered to reimburse if you replaced that part — or fix it themselves if you go to a dealership. Since I know people, I got it fixed for less than it would have cost me and I didn’t have to be without my car waiting on the dealership. I sent in the form dutifully, and copies of receipts for the purchase of the replacement part and the labor.

Saturday, I get a form reply that I didn’t include proof of labor or parts. Uhm, what in the shit are the receipts for? Was I supposed to film it? I can appeal — and I will, and they’ll reject it, and I’ll just keep that in mind when I buy a new car (or anyone I know asks me about it, or I can blog about it…).

Yesterday when I check my Discover card, I saw that I’d bought over $300 worth of pizza from Domino’s, I’d spent $200 at a Mexican restaurant, and $100 at another restaurant, all in Boston. Except, I’ve not once set foot in Boston, or Massachusetts, or any of them Yankee states. My reaction was to call Discover.

They simply took my word. If I wanted to I could prove I wasn’t in Boston, but I don’t have to.

Which I’ll keep in mind, the next time I need any sort of credit card, or someone asks… or I can blog about it.

It’s interesting — Discover was not at fault, and they were very nice. Honda is at fault, and they’re being dicks.

Update: The grand total for the Discover joy-ride someone took was $650 — almost three times what Honda doesn’t want to pay.