Juicing — Cigars and Legs Style

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For Christmas, Santa Claus brought me a juicer. We’re tight like that. This was something I had expressed some interest in after reading Juicing For Men and about some of the benefits of juicing. I was pretty sold by this post. While I’m not sure about some of the studies used — it can’t hurt, right? Specifically, the line:

When people ask you, “Why juice,” tell them to go eat 10 celery stalks and report back.

I hate celery.

For all of last week and so far this week, I’ve made a juice based on the “Real V8” recipes, and also given the wife a serving:

– One whole beet.
– Two whole small tomatoes or one large tomato.
– Two stalks or so of celery. (Even in juice form, I really hate celery.)
– Four carrots.
– A whole lemon
– Two large kale leaves.
– Some pomegranate juice (added after the fact)
– A whole large stalk of broccoli, florets and all.
– Some mint leaves (using the Juicing For Men celery sandwich method) if I remember.

Maybe I’m just good at picking juicy vegetables and fruits, but this usually produces over a liter of juice. It’s beet red, of course, because beets have a powerful color, but it has some green in it where the green bits are juiced. It never comes out a solid color. Broccoli still surprises me with the amount of liquid that comes out.

This is actually quite tasty, in my opinion. I always liked V8, but when I saw how much sodium it had in it I nearly had a stroke. This stuff has no added sugar, no added sodium or preservatives (so drink up) but it’s pretty good and I have to say two things:

– I feel like I have more energy.
– I feel less hungry.

What more could you ask for?

On the weekends I try and play around with the ingredients a bit, but before work I make the above, put it in a mason jar, and drink it on the way in. Who knows what’ll happen with it in the future, but for now, I’m really digging this drink and the way I feel after having it.

(Note: Without any preservatives the nutrition in this juice fades fast! Try and drink as soon as it is finished.)