Lent and other musings.

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I am not Catholic, nor have I ever been.

This year, however, I think I’m going to give some stuff up for Lent. I’ve done this before: Last year I gave up sweets entirely (as opposed to my usual only-on-S-days attempts to follow the No S Diet). This year, I think I’m going to give up junk food in general… and beer… and cigars.

But not sex. What kind of a weirdo would that make me? (Also, Bendy would just leave, as I had the good sense to marry someone with a high sex drive.)

I’ve got a post I’m chewing on in my head about the phenomenon of fat and slut shaming.

I’ve also got to catch up on my attempt to write a million words this year. It’d be a lot easier if I wrote down every shitty idea I have.

And I need to get my knee back. After two weeks of hardcore doing what I was told to do it told me to go fuck myself and stopped cooperating.

I read, for the first time, A Princess of Mars by ERB. It was actually quite entertaining, and I liked the general idea. It’s out of copyright; I should steal it. I would have liked JC to adopt a bit of a Han Solo twist though, and show some Alpha by giving Dejah an “I know” moment. I’m almost afraid to see the movie, now that I’ve said that, as I’m sure it’s full of politically correct bullshit centered around turning Dejah into fucking Xena-from-Mars. (… Are they serious with the actress they picked for her? Someone should have shown them Frank Cho’s Dejah Thoris drawings and beat them senseless until they hired someone who looked like that.)

I think the fact I’m starting to skip great chunks of books to get to the point may be rubbing off on my non-first person writing. I’m having a hard time being as wordy as I was when I wrote The Five, and I’m not sure that’s a Bad Thing. At first, what will be Book 3 was going to be two books so that they’d all be relatively the same length. But about midway through the fourth and final book I was like, “Fuck it. Nobody is going to want to read all of this extra stuff. THIS HAPPENED, then THAT HAPPENED, then THE END.”

I’m shooting to put out book 2 as soon as I both finalize a title and get it edited. Maybe by June.