Lynn Dwyer

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Lynn Dwyer


Lynn was born the first of two children to her parents, Mary and Samuel Collier, on August 3rd, 1927. Her brother, Daniel Collier, is attending medical school in Birmingham at the start of the Boots Are Red. Like Stretch and Ron, her dad worked at a textile plant and her mother was a home maker.

In high school, she dated Ron almost exclusively, but they broke up shortly before he left town for college. Lynn took some courses at college herself, up in Mississippi State, but didn’t find it as fulfilling as she expected, and soon dropped out. She and Stretch got engaged during one summer break, and were married after he graduated.

Lynn didn’t much care for Kate Nass or his profession, and has made that clear to Ron on many occasions. She also got caught up in the web of drugs and abuse surrounding the syndicate, however, and found herself owing a lot of people for a lot of favors. This made her re-assess her view of Ron when she decided she needed his help, but the only person she could bring herself to talk to was the new, young priest: Wilson Fuller.

When Ron was on the case her situation became more fluid…