NHL Playoffs, 2017, Conference Finals


That’s the feeling of every Capitals fan the last two days. On the same day a year apart eliminated by the damn Penguins? Ugh!

In the West I got both the number of games and the winner right in both series’. In the East, I got everything wrong. I could not have been more wrong without picking teams that weren’t playing, or throwing spaghetti at my screen and calling it a blog post.

Now, on to the conference finals:

Pittsburgh vs Ottawa, and Pittsburgh has home ice.

Ottawa has no chance. They may steal a game in Pittsburgh to make the series interesting, but as the last round shows, the Penguins are on a roll. I’m not so sure if the Penguins win the cup or not, but I think they win this series in six.

Nashville vs Anaheim, with Anaheim owning home ice.

This one may go the distance, but I feel that this is Nashville’s year more than the Ducks. They’ve just got something going on this year, and Rinne is playing on his head. Just amazing play all around by the Predators goalie. Preds in seven, as the Ducks once again get eliminated in a home game seven.