NHL Playoffs: 2017 Edition, First Round

Meant to post this yesterday but there’s always something in the way. Here we go:

My full bracket is as follows:

Round 1:
Capitals over Leafs,
Penguins over Blue Jackets,
Habs over Rangers,
Bruins over Senators,
Blackhawks over Predators,
Wild over Blues,
Ducks over Flames,
Oilers over Sharks.

I don’t expect any sweeps in the first round; maybe the Caps sweep, but I think 5-6 games for most series. The only 7 game series might be Habs/Rangers and Oilers/Sharks.

Round 2:
Capitals over Penguins,
Habs over Bruins,
Blackhawks over Wild,
Oilers over Ducks.

I wouldn’t be surprised if three of these four went to game seven — and I’m not even sure which three. This has a chance at the best single round of playoffs in a long time.

Round 3:
Caps over Habs,
Blackhawks over Oilers.

The Caps will make quick work of the Habs, and the Oilers will fall to the experience of the Blackhawks.

Stanley Cup Final:
Caps over Blackhawks.

In five games: it finally happens.

Now, that’s my original set of predictions. After the first round, I’ll come back to this and update — but I’ll leave this post to see how I do this far out. It’ll be past my birthday before all this is said and done.