Official Orlando Statement

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Since the announcement of the race and religion of the shooter in Orlando, and even before, I have seen many people commenting on the tragic act of terror with a strange bent. They are blaming the NRA, they are blaming white people, they are blaming Christians (what). People are rushing to point out how bad everyone else is, how much worse everyone else is than Islam when it comes to gays.


This is the last and final straw. There is no more moral equivalence, there is no further blaming of everyone but the party responsible. This man was an agent of the Islamic State thugs hell-bent on taking us all back to the 12th century. This man was motivated by hate inspired by the Koran, not the Bible. Not the Torah, not the NRA. He passed a background check and worked for a security firm. By the way, that security firm had numerous complaints regarding his hateful statements and did not act out of a sense of political correctness.

Those of you donning your shiny armor to defend Islam and castigate those of us pointing out that this atrocity was committed by a Muslim are providing aid and comfort to future attackers.

You are giving preference to thugs over the lives of Americans.

Others still point out the white guy headed to the LA Pride Parade on the same night. They conveniently leave out that he’s a Bernie Sanders supporter — and that makes the story stink to all hell. Why would a guy supporting Bernie Sanders want to blow up people at a pride parade? This entire story in LA is completely too convenient.

That asshole in Orlando murdered people in the name of Islam. Anyone who does not condemn that without qualification is collaborating. Period.

It’s not hard to do. “This man was awful, he did an awful thing. We condemn it.” Stop right there. Don’t try to point out other stuff that other people did, or other hate. Just stop. We already know you hate white people, especially white men, especially white straight men, especially Christian white straight men.

As an aside: women, don’t think for a second that this isn’t going to turn around on you. This man routinely beat his ex-wife. In Islamic countries women are treated as property. The Stanford rape case is awful, but in Islamic countries the victim could have legally been murdered. Non-Muslim women providing aid and comfort to these people need to be remembered the way the French women collaborating with the Nazis were.

Radical Islam is the enemy of the West, of women, and of gays. It’s high time we all stopped criticizing others in the West every time Radical Islam rears one of its ugly heads. Sharia law is incompatible with the West. If you want Radical Islam/Sharia, live under the rule of the House of Saud. If you identify with that dead rat Omar Mateen, get out of my country.

Finally, another aside. A bit of annoying irony in this is that here I am wanting to protect all races of women, children, and “the gays” from Islam. Yet somehow I’m a misogynist, a racist, and a homophobe. Think about how hard the media narrative has to be twisted in order for that to actually make sense to people.