Senator Fishlips

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I hope Fishlips does stay in the Senate, and here are a few of my cynical reasons why. First, let me start by saying replacing Fishlips with a different Democrat does exactly nothing for me or my worldview — it’s still going to be an extremely liberal person opposed diametrically to many of my most important viewpoints, and they are also likely to be an asshole of the same caliber as Fishlips.

But him staying would accomplish several things:

– It will piss off the Republicans who abandoned Moore when Franken resigned. I don’t imagine there are many of them, but I bet there are enough that the election in Alabama would have turned out differently. That race is going to end up being decided by a box full of ballots. This will motivate supporters of someone like Mo Brooks in 2020.

– It damages Gillibrand. She is anti-gun and pro-amnesty, which is all I need to know about her. I imagine she’s also voting lock-step with Schumer this session (I have not checked), and that in the House she had different views — she’s moved left since joining the Senate. Her being portrayed by members of her own party as having poor judgment is just the sort of feather in her cap I want to see between now and 2019.

– His continued presence in the Senate can be used as a cudgel. Once again — the Democrats are taking a stance of “believe all women… unless they’re accusing Democrats.”

Also, don’t think for a second that Doug Jones is going to be that great of an ally in the Senate for Democrats; he has to be moderate at worst if he wants a shot in hell in 2020. The tricks used on Moore won’t work twice (and given some of the issues with the accusers and their stories, I have no problem believing these are tricks — especially the yearbook.)