Smug and Wrong isn’t a good look.

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Or, I’m going to try and write this without getting political

Smug is actually very rarely a good look. Cocky, sure. Something about smug makes people want to hit someone in the nose. But undue smugness on an issue a person is wrong about? That makes me hate a person faster than anything else short of committing a crime against me or mine.

One of the problems with diagnosing this is that we’ve reached a point in our society where we aren’t supposed to judge or criticize someone’s actions (unless they are Bad Bad People like Larry Correia, who thinks Bad Bad Thoughts), no matter what. If someone in another country is evil, a lot of people say we can’t judge other cultures. This has always bothered the snot out of me. We judge other cultures all the time.

We judge historical cultures that, say, owned slaves or did horrific things to other cultures. All the time. We judge them so hard that we’ve been removing historical monuments that might, one day, make someone feel bad. People judge the “gun culture” of America all the time, when they are from outside of our culture. We all judge everything else. Humans are natively tribal, and it is probably a safe guess that the ones who aren’t have some sort of imbalance. This isn’t an attack, either — it’s nature. Nature and evolution are supposed to be paramount to a lot of smug, non-culture-judging types.

Except for the tribal part of our nature…

Anyway, so we’ve reached this point where we can’t judge anyone for anything, for whatever reason. This has given a lot of people a smug sense of superiority even when they are wrong, and nobody is supposed to point that out. It’s mean.


Some people are wrong, and some people are ignorant assholes. And it’s not mean to correct them. It’s mean to let them continue thinking stupid bullshit and spreading it to vulnerable dumb-asses who will then repeat that stupid bullshit like it’s a fact. Then we all have to keep explaining that, no, a duck’s quack does in fact echo because sound waves are sound waves. Because somewhere down the line some idiot let them keep saying it.

Lately there have been a lot of smug and wrong people around the internet. In comment sections they multiply like gremlins. It’s getting old. Stop being smug and wrong, internet.