Technological Deaths in the Family

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On Friday, my old laptop (from 2007) finally bit the dust. I’d bought it for college and figured I’d keep it until it broke. Well, it broke. All signs point to a motherboard replacement, which would cost probably more than it is worth — I can get an already working cheap old used laptop for less (which is part of the plan). I’ve taken this as an opportunity: I’m also going to try and make a Raspberry Pi “laptop.” Just because. I’ve ordered a screen and some other bits. The case? An empty cigar box.

On Sunday, my old desktop (built in 2006) was discovered to have been dead for some time. Fortunately I upgraded in July, which is probably the last time I booted up the oldie. Probably won’t be replacing this one, since it sort of already was. I’d had some idea about hooking it up to the television, but… eh.

So my new project will be: PITOP!