The NHL needs better referees.

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The national hockey league needs either better referees or a person on the outside of the ice able to review plays and take some of the control away from the blind zebras on the ice.

The series so far for the Washington Capitals has been filled with:
– Leafs players constantly stick-grabbing, like it’s a gay night club. (Especially Game 2)
– The blown challenge on the goalie interference in Game 4: the Leafs goalie grabbing hte Capitals player should have been enough to absolve the Capitals of any guilt.
– The blown offsides call in Game 2.
– The linesman basically getting an assist on the third Toronto goal in game 4.
– The ridiculous 2-man advantage gifted to the Leafs at the end of period 2 of game 4. Either you let stuff go, or you call it tight, but not both ways depending on the team.
– The possible blown call that actually would have hurt Washington: it appeared as though a Leaf’s player got sticked in the face and his lip was definitely bloodied. I’m not afraid to admit that should have been a four minute penalty… if I can ever see a replay of the surrounding moments showing what actually happened.
– A ridiculous penalty on Holtby for a slash that should have been embellishment on the Leaf’s player.

Etc, etc.

Fortunately, the Capitals won Game 4, 5-4, and now the series is tied. Not bad when you’re playing against a hockey team and the refs.