Two Americas

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The year is 2030… after a disastrous 2016 election in which widespread fraud caused rioting and fighting in the streets, America spent the better part of the next eight years splitting in two, largely along the lines of the 2012 and 2016 county elections:

A House Divided... sort of.

A House Divided… sort of.

In places where counties (mostly blue) are surrounded entirely there has been migration toward nearby population centers of those of a like mind. The population of America Blue is roughly 165 million, while the population of America Red is just under 153 million — and dwindling as illegal immigrants are put on trains and dropped in America Blue or Mexico. America Red took on their share of the debt from America Prime, based on percentage of the population to vote for the politicians spending money.

Gun Rights and Crime

America Red, while initially having all the laws enacted up until 2018 when the biggest split occurred — Texas seceded as a whole, electing Ted Cruz as their President and followed by Wyoming and Nebraska — has reverted back to pre-1930s gun laws. The NFA act has been removed. America Red has national concealed carry and constitutional carry in many places. Despite all of these changes crime is down in America Red. Being a violent criminal is extremely dangerous. As more states joined the Texan government a few were split — the Blue Belt in the South and parts of Mississippi, Tennessee, and Arkansas refused to secede and formed a new, oddly shaped state called Clinton.

Those in America Red often drive around, or fly over, America Blue states that have cut them off directly. This is in part due to their strict gun laws: gun ownership is banned in America Blue, and only the very rich, police, and licensed body guards have guns. Given that most of the crime in America Prime took place in the counties that now make up America Blue crime has skyrocketed. With the mass migration of illegal immigrants (now called Private Guests) and the importation of “refugees” from overseas rape and other sexual crimes against women have become the number one problem in America Blue.

Speech and Spying

Those in America Blue now live under a strict surveillance state, though this is not extended to the Private Guests due to their high distrust of the government and general refusal to participate in the culture. Often they bring with them clean electronics to beat the ever-watching eyes of the government. Large swaths of the internet are blocked at the borders due to containing offensive concepts. Non-homosexual pornography is banned. The language has rapidly evolved as gendered pronouns have been banned by executive fiat and now words such as “history” or “mankind” are under attack at the various universities.

In America Red, the USA Patriot Act has been largely repealed. Speech codes are non-existent. America Red’s citizens want to be left alone by their government and thus there are no nude body scanners in airports.

Foreign Relations

America Red started with a clean slate. Legislation was passed barring any severely restrictive treaties or alliances. Foreign aid has been canceled. Most military bases overseas have been shut down in favor of long-range drones and a hands-off approach. In 2028 Iran set off a dirty bomb in America Blue, and America Red responded by eradicating their military capabilities — both out of misplaced feelings toward America Blue and a desire to cripple their ability to perform such an act against America Red.

America Blue largely held on to the foreign policy of the Bush, Obama, and H. Clinton presidencies. This has won no friends overseas and further destabilized the middle east. Vladimir Putin has requested on multiple occasions that America Red “deal with those idiots.”

Relations between the two countries remain strained. Most farmland and manufacturing remained in the hands of America Red, and many manufacturers fled Blue in order to avoid the high taxes required to keep the place afloat. All gun manufacturers have moved out of Blue and no longer provide them with any arms — all new arms are bought and smuggled in by Blue agents. In order to reduce their own tax burden, America Red has instituted a high import/export tariff on goods transferring between the two nations.


In accordance with the wishes of Hollywood and New York film makers America Blue has retroactively extended copyright to the creation of motion pictures. To stick a thumb in those same eyes America Red returned to the original fourteen year terms in the constitution — with one fourteen year renewal period. Citizens of America Red may now freely share materials made in 2002 as opposed to 95 years or authors life plus 70 years.

Military Spending

In 2028, Hawaii was captured by the Chinese government because the majority of military — including Navy — personnel lived in or supported America Red. This is also the cause for the rapid rise in the separatist movement in what became America Red — between the arms and the support of the military rank and file, America Red had no trouble seceding. America Red chose not to protect Hawaii due to it being the post-presidency home of President Obama and a general feeling that the foreign policy mess he created caused that.

America Blue has ratcheted down defense spending to match the rest of the world, while America Red has kept it high. The America Red government does not have many expenditures due to their high employment numbers and tariffs on imports and exports, in addition to the uncapped exploration and drilling of oil reserves.


America Red has removed income and business taxes. Instead there is a national sales tax (non-luxury food and clothes exempted as well as the minimum amount required to sustain oneself and ones family).

America Blue: No one making under fifty thousand dollars a year pays any taxes, nor do families making under eighty thousand. But pay roll taxes are devastating and necessary to support the expansion of social security. Local sales taxes have skyrocketed as well. Income tax for those making enough to pay taxes approach fifty percent at the $150,000 level and are near ninety for anything over $250,000. However, those actually making that much have gamed the system using favors the America Blue government extends to the super rich.

Employment and Income Equality

America Blue does not have many Blue Collar jobs left, and most traditional White Collar jobs have been absorbed by the government. If a person can make it big in Hollywood or New York they are set for life. Most jobs are Pink Color service jobs or government jobs, however. Income equality is lopsided with many people depending on government assistance on the lower end, nearly no middle class, and a small number of extremely rich, favored citizens.

In America Red, blue collar jobs have exploded exponentially. White Collar has followed as more accountants and other office workers are needed to keep track of all the goings on of Americans Red. Many sports teams in America Blue have moved into America Red due to a general disdain for athletics by the Americans Blue and also for tax reasons. Income equality is spastic as there are jobs at every level and the American Dream can be realized more readily.


In America Red healthcare has returned to a level consistent with the freedom of choice enjoyed prior to Obamacare. Insurance has been decoupled from the jobs market and is primarily used for major expenses as the ready availability and relaxation of interference from the government has lowered prices. Due to the elimination of corn subsidies and tariffs on natural sugars obesity has been dropping.

In America Blue, however, things more resemble a dystopian England than anything Americans would recognize. There are waiting periods for any major surgery and office visits are nearly impossible. Directly it costs the citizen nothing: the cost is all loaded into their taxes, including the 200% gasoline tax and mileage taxes (to make up for green cars).

Religious Freedom and Gender Relations

America Red has largely backed away from interfering with religious people in any way. This includes allowing prayer and expressions of religion in public spaces, but does not include allowing religious-based brutality or separate laws for specific religions.

Gender relations have reached an ideal now that society has turned away from the Leftist Hollywood inspired gender wars. Women retain the freedoms gained before the split and are in every way equal citizens but the demonization of masculinity has all but ceased. Divorce, while still legal, has cratered as people respect one another again.

Large swaths of America Blue are under sharia law and this includes female genital mutilation. The government will not intervene for fear of offending their Private Guests. The only other allowed religions are: Catholicism, due to the high number of Hispanic Catholics remaining in the country — although their numbers are dwindling as they see their freedoms stomped on and learn the largess extended toward them was largely a cynical vote grab; a modernized Anglican church as the allowed Protestant religion (typically called Protestant Blue outside of the nation); Scientology, to please the leftists in Hollywood and New York; Judaism, though many practitioners hide their faith for fear of attacks; and, finally, any Eastern or made-up religions. Atheism is encouraged.

Outside of the Sharia areas men are afraid to offend women for fear of being charged for sexual assault. Even saying “Yes ma’am” is an offense, though it only carries a small fine. Any gender based humor is aimed solely at men as making fun of women is also an offense with a fine attached to it. The exception to this are homosexual men who are given the freedom to say what they will. Outside of religious communities heterosexual dating and marriage is on the decline though somehow there is a teen pregnancy epidemic. Divorce is as easy as saying “I divorce you” three times with a witness, though not for women in the Sharia zones.

In Closing

In general, people (including women and minorities) in America Red are happy and prosperous. Countries have again started to emulate and strive to be like America.

However, the misery index in America Blue is extraordinarily high. Often citizens are caught attempting to illegally enter or overstay inside America Red (they are, of course, looked upon with suspicion and fear they might bring their horrible policies with them). Mexico and Canada have three-deep walls, cameras, and armed patrols around their borders with America Blue, and the Cuban navy often sinks rafts coming from the Blue state of Miami-Dade.

America Red is great and a joy to visit if the opportunity arises.

America Blue should be avoided at all costs.

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  • Oddly-shaped state of Clinton ;o)

    • The best part is — Clinton, MS would be wrapped up in that chunk of blue counties, so I have plausible deniability regarding that name choice.

      • I found my way here from ESR’s blog post on joining the NRA. I saw your comment.

        This was really good, by the way.

        • Awesome! Thanks, I’m glad you enjoyed it. I try. Been focusing on the blog a bit more lately, being a public smart ass, in addition to my fiction writing (which might qualify me to work for the president…)

  • You know 2-3 years ago this article would have appeared dystopian and downright insane. Today’s reality makes this piece seem all too real, way beyond 1984. Great post!

    • If you told me, in 2007, that I’d believe there was a possibility America would split in two within my lifetime I would not have believed it. Today I’ll be surprised if the Republic is still in tact by the time I’m forty. We really are two different groups of people: those who think we belong to the government, and those who think the government belongs to us.