Two Things Everyone is Getting Wrong about Ray Rice

I’ve spent more time than I should reading comments from random internet users about Ray Rice, and there are two things that most of them are getting wrong:

1. “How did the NJ DA let him get away!!”

Because the victim in this case wasn’t cooperating with the prosecution. Assuming NJs laws are like most places, then she can decline to press charges. Given that she ultimately married the man I’m assuming the only reason this went beyond a private knock-out game session was because he’s famous.

2. “Roger Goodell should go if he lied about seeing the video!”

No, Roger Goodell should go period. It doesn’t matter what evidence he had, when he had it, or whatever. He’s a bad commissioner regardless of when he knew about this, for a few reasons but:

– He made one decision, and was whipped over it. So when he got a chance to reverse himself, he did. Not because he thought the crime was horrible (What did he THINK Ray Rice did in that elevator?) but because he was embarrassed by the coverage. This is the same man who banished Sean Payton for a year because he covered up for his defensive coordinator — by lying to Goodell. He didn’t care about what actually happened. He cared about his own face, and the lawsuit about concussions by former players.

Here’s how I know he didn’t care so much about the bounty program: Sean Payton was gone for a year (and $5 MILLION dollars in salary) for lying to Goodell. Defensive Coordinator Greg Williams, who instituted the bounty program? The same length of suspension. So the man directly responsible for the supposed bounty program (Where’s the evidence?) served the same sentence as a guy who was misleading about it.

Oh, he’s the captain of the ship and should know better?

Well what the fuck is Roger Goodell?